Employee Engagement

Empowering Your Employees

In today’s world, employees want to be empowered in their role and to make a difference. Creating an environment of empowerment meets one of the four core needs impacting engagement & retention levels. This starts with developing a rapport to understand your team. Establishing a periodic 1:1 meeting (e.g., monthly) to spend time discussing their […]

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Increase Employee Engagement

Keeping your team informed meets one of the four core needs impacting employee productivity & engagement levels (F.A.I.R.). It starts with creating an effective communication plan for upfront and ongoing information. Providing expectations and responsibilities upfront helps your employees understand their role and empowers them to own their tasks. Determining what is communicated on an

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Trust in the Workplace

The level of trust impacts business relationships with employees, clients, and colleagues. In fact, a recent U.S. Business survey indicated 22% employees have left a company because of trust issues. Being honest and transparent with your team members, where you share lessons learned and let go of perfect appearances, shows authenticity, which builds trust. And

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Rapport and Your Employee Retention

Did you know organizations with a strong company culture experience 26% less turnover? Building a culture of employee engagement where your employees enjoy coming to work starts with rapport. As a leader, how do you build rapport with your team members? Employees will appreciate the time you spend with them and recognizing what motivates them.

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Beyond “Thank You”

Did you know engaged employees are 45% more productive and more likely to stay within your organization? Appreciation is one of the four core human needs (F.A.I.R.) to create a people-focused framework where your team members are engaged. To show appreciation, saying “Thank You” is a great start; however, providing appreciation that is specific, sincere,

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engaged employee conversation

Creating a Collaborative Culture

Did you know effective and collaborative conversations increase engagement by 61%; however, 9 of 10 conversations miss the mark? Collaboration is meeting others where they are and finding common ground for connection. Creating a culture of collaboration and finding common ground begins with fully listening to learn another’s perspective. We may think we are listening

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