Beyond “Thank You”


Showing appreciation for your employees increases engagement and goes beyond a "Thank You".

Did you know engaged employees are 45% more productive and more likely to stay within your organization? Appreciation is one of the four core human needs (F.A.I.R.) to create a people-focused framework where your team members are engaged.

To show appreciation, saying “Thank You” is a great start; however, providing appreciation that is specific, sincere, and timely elevates engagement levels because it shows how their contributions uniquely made an impact.

For example, did a team member go the extra mile and stay late to meet a deadline that made a client happy? Then include this specific example in your recognition instead of just thanking them for their hard work.

Recognition can be as simple as a text, e-card, or 5 minutes of your time to call/stop by. How do you thank your volunteers, employees, and business partners?

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