Increase Employee Engagement


Learn how effective communication can impact employee productivity & engagement levels. Find out the importance of keeping your team informed.

Keeping your team informed meets one of the four core needs impacting employee productivity & engagement levels (F.A.I.R.). It starts with creating an effective communication plan for upfront and ongoing information.

Providing expectations and responsibilities upfront helps your employees understand their role and empowers them to own their tasks. Determining what is communicated on an ongoing basis, such as project updates, organizational initiatives, and procedure changes, gives clarity on what is impacting their role.

And, as we continue to work in a hybrid/remote business environment,
diversifying multiple communication channels to share information helps create connection, such as including calls or in-person meetings (a human voice), in addition to emails and other electronic methods.

Lastly, determining how frequently (daily, weekly, monthly) you are keeping employees informed impacts connection and engagement.

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