Empowering Your Employees


Learn how to empower your team and increase retention levels through understanding their motivations and interests.

In today’s world, employees want to be empowered in their role and to make a difference. Creating an environment of empowerment meets one of the four core needs impacting engagement & retention levels.

This starts with developing a rapport to understand your team. Establishing a periodic 1:1 meeting (e.g., monthly) to spend time discussing their career goals instead of daily deadlines and tasks is a first step to establishing rapport.

During these meetings, understanding WHY they joined your team/organization provides insight into motivating drivers. We are all motivated differently, which could be impacted by compensation, promotional opportunities, career growth, team environment, community initiatives, leadership skills, etc.

These discussions also help you align their interests and strengths to their role and set them up for success. Employees will appreciate the time you spend with them to understand what motivates them and where they want to go. This creates an environment which builds rapport and empowers employees to own their role.

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