Workshop Coming Soon: Engaging Others: Reconnect to Retain

Improve the way your business operates and make it a more enjoyable place to work.

Travers Training & Consulting will help you create a work environment that is not only productive and profitable, but also encourages employee engagement and development.

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Have you noticed a
shift in your employee performance and
don’t know why?

Maybe you're experiencing...

  • Increased employee turnover
  • Decreased employee participation
  • Newly promoted management team
  • Inefficient processes and customer complaints
  • Overwhelmed HR team

Re-focusing on your People behind
your Processes can help:

  • increase employee engagement

  • enhance communication

  • decrease employee turnover

  • improve productivity

  • improve procedures to protect your bottom line

Hi, I am Rhonda, your

People & Process Strategist.

I have the insight for building people-focused
frameworks to achieve cohesive operations

With over 20 years of corporate and leadership experience, I help business leaders focus on employee development and process improvement. I am committed to leveraging my expertise to add value and make a positive impact to your operations. Through collaboration, I share insight on your employee experience and opportunities to increase engagement and improve productivity while protecting the bottom line.

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Let's get started. Here is how I can help!

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    people & process
    advisory services

    After understanding your specific need, I provide an assessment of your employee experience to
    identify root cause, risks, and recommendations.

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    Through my Training workshops with you and your team, I help you discover ways to increase employee engagement, improve communication, and build a people-focused framework.

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    I deliver virtual and in-person presentations that align with your team’s needs. Please refer to my featured Speaking topics that can be customized.

Take the Quiz for
Employee Engagement Evaluation

The level of employee/volunteer engagement within your organization
impacts retention and your bottom line. Use my key questions to evaluate
whether your organizational framework empowers or disengages your team.


In her training, Engaging Others, Rhonda shared how Servant Leadership is critical for CEO’s and Business Owners in engaging and empowering employees. From my perspective as a Commercial Banking Officer, I can use this insight in starting more relevant conversations with my prospects and customers, thus gaining trust and building better relationships.

Max Mitts | Commercial Loan Officer, INB

As someone who trains other leaders, one of my takeaways in Rhonda’s Engaging Others presentation is her focus on authenticity and individualized leadership. She highlights the importance of empowering individuals instead of a one-size-fits-all approach

Dr. Susan Harrison

The part I found most helpful in Rhonda's Engaging Others presentation was her way of encapsulating culture and appreciation into engagement and overall performance. Rhonda can relate workplace experiences, and communication gaps into situational examples that affect employee engagement and workplace culture. She then guides you through purposeful resolution training options to be applied at any level for any organization size.

Jennifer Wade | Jen Wade Consulting

As an eldercare strategist with Senior Care Authority and a mom of 6, I sought out Rhonda's expertise in time management to help steer my small business back on track by helping me prioritize tasks. After attending her Work Smarter Time Management Training, I have the tools to organize my workday, create a beneficial routine, and learn to say no to activities that do not bring about growth for my company and my team.

Erin D. | Senior Care Authority

Rhonda Travers was totally amazing at our Transition to Position Networking event and hit a homerun in discussing how to prepare for and how to answer the inevitable question at every interview and every networking encounter, “Tell me about yourself”. She was very relatable and engaging! The audience loved her!

Bob Kolf, Founder and CEO | Job Seekers’ Garden Club of St. Louis

Rhonda helped organize our business to make it a smooth-running function to add new employees. I now have a base so that people know what they have to do that is simple and repeatable and not starting from scratch.

David Berger | Envision By Design