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As someone who trains other leaders, one of my takeaways in Rhonda’s Engaging Others presentation is her focus on authenticity and individualized leadership. She highlights the importance of empowering individuals instead of a one-size-fits-all approach

Dr. Susan Harrison

Rhonda helped organize our business to make it a smooth-running function to add new employees. I now have a base so that people know what they have to do that is simple and repeatable and not starting from scratch.

David Berger | Envision By Design

The part I found most helpful in Rhonda's Engaging Others presentation was her way of encapsulating culture and appreciation into engagement and overall performance. Rhonda can relate workplace experiences, and communication gaps into situational examples that affect employee engagement and workplace culture. She then guides you through purposeful resolution training options to be applied at any level for any organization size.

Jennifer Wade | Jen Wade Consulting

As a small business owner, I was struggling with the idea of hiring and what processes that may entail. Rhonda was able to explain everything in a way that made sense and felt less overwhelming. She will provide you with a comprehensive plan tailored to what you need. Rhonda is someone you want in your corner to help you achieve success.

Dr. Rachael MacGregor, DPT, DMT, FAAOMPT | Restore Movement Physical Therapy

Rhonda brought energy and enthusiasm to her presentation. Her approach to engaging employees and how to identify what disengagement looks like, as well as how to reengage, was easy to follow and an excellent concept to integrate in any organization. Additionally, she had actionable steps to ensure that everyone left with something they can implement immediately.

Julie Kappen | National Human Resources Association