Compliance, Culture, and You

Did you know that your desired culture can be impacted by the organization’s approach to compliance? For example, do you put on your seatbelt because it is the law, and you may be fined, or do you put it on and require others to put theirs on for their safety?

Some companies have a mindset of “have to” where a procedure is completed from a checklist to avoid fines/penalties. Focusing on this one outcome can create a reactive culture and sense of obligation.

Companies who approach compliance requirements as the right thing to do can create a proactive culture. Educating employees WHY there is a requirement and the impact it has on their community, company, and/or co-worker, creates empowerment where everyone is a Culture Ambassador. Employees will understand how their role contributes towards compliance and be more engaged to share process improvement ideas as they complete their responsibilities.

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